BARLACH RELOADED is a project of the Ernst Barlach Gesellschaft Hamburg.

We would like to thank the Wedel University of Applied Sciences, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and the Muthesius Transferpark Kiel for their advice.

Heike Stockhaus

Artistic director, concept & scenography

Darya Yakubovich

Project coordination & didactic contents

Amanda Kopp

Assistance to project management & content development


Concept interactive media & technical realisation

Ariane Bethusy-Huc

Filmography & production of the context films

Detlef Piersig

Lighting & interior design planning

Martin Franke

Design and production text & photo boards

Milan Schweiger

Storyboard production

Nicolas Döring

Photo content

Prof. Dr. Christian-A. Bohn

Consulting technology & media

Dr. Jürgen Doppelstein

Scientific advisory board

Dr. Ulrich Bubrowski

Scientific advisory board

Ruben Doppelstein

Setup technology & media

Pascal Simm

Setup technology & media

Schwan Communications

Public relations & design